Vladimir Kireev
Vladimir Kireev

Владимир Киреев

русский художник в краеведческом проекте "KOSTROMKA.RU":
Кострома. Речная тишь. 2012.
Кострома. Речная тишь

"Kostroma. The silence river" / 2012 / tinted paper /charcoal / sauce / acrylic Kostroma (According to one version from "Koster" = 'bonfire') A East Slavic fertility Goddess, personification of spring, who dies at the end of spring, only to arise once more at the end of winter. She was represented as girl dressed in white with oak branch in the hand. Her thatched scarecrow is burnt in a bonfire on the holiday of "Parting of Spring". The rites of Semik were devoted to her. On June 29 the 'burial of Kostroma' was celebrated, accompanied by games and lamentations. During this festival a disguised girl or a straw figure portrayed Kostroma. First, a scarecrow was honored and revered. Then, participants of the rite mourned the death of Kostroma, and burned or tore the scarecrow. Rituals with Kostroma were aimed at improving soil fertility. About it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kostroma… as well as in Russian in the middle of the article… There is a theory that the name of this goddess gave the name of the Russian ancient city Kostroma..

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